Nvidia Stock to Hit $250, Up 101% by Year-End


Nvidia Stock to Hit $250, Up 101% by Year-End

  • Nvidia’s stock has surged 151% this year, with Eric Jackson predicting it will reach $250 by year-end.
  • Jackson believes NVDA is undervalued despite its $3.3 trillion peak market valuation, seeing further growth potential.
  • Nvidia’s strong lead in the AI chip market is highlighted as a key factor for continued growth.

Nvidia, a powerhouse in the AI chip industry, has seen an incredible surge in its stock price this year. According to Eric Jackson, the hedge fund manager of EMJ Capital, this upward trajectory is far from over. Jackson predicts that NVDA’s stock will hit $250 by the end of the year. Further representing a potential upside of 101% from its current levels. This bold forecast, if realized, would catapult Nvidia’s market valuation to an astonishing $6 trillion.

Jackson’s Perspective on Valuation and Market Potential

Eric Jackson’s bullish stance on NVDA stems from his belief that the stock remains undervalued despite its significant gains. Nvidia’s shares have soared by 151% year-to-date, showcasing remarkable growth. At its peak last week, the chip maker briefly held the world’s most valuable company title, boasting a market valuation of approximately $3.3 trillion. Jackson argues that NVDA’s valuation still does not fully reflect its potential, indicating room for substantial growth.

Jackson emphasizes NVDA’s competitive edge, noting that the company has a considerable lead over its rivals in the AI-chip market. He suggests that this advantage will continue to benefit Nvidia for years to come, solidifying its position as an industry leader. Furthermore, Jackson refutes comparisons between NVDA and Cisco during the dot-com bubble. He claimed that such parallels are unfounded and do not accurately represent Nvidia’s current market situation.

Wall Street’s Bullish Sentiment

Eric Jackson is not alone in his optimistic outlook for Nvidia. Various Wall Street analysts share his enthusiasm for the stock. Constellation Research and Rosenblatt have both set a price target of $200 for Nvidia, while Bank of America recently reiterated its $150 target. This consensus among analysts highlights the widespread belief in Nvidia’s long-term growth prospects, even after its massive run-up over the past year.

16% Stock Drop: Nvidia’s Market Cap Falls by $400 Billion

Despite the positive long-term outlook, NVDA’s stock is not immune to market fluctuations. Earlier this week, Nvidia experienced a significant setback, wiping out more than $400 billion in market value. The stock underwent a three-day correction, resulting in a 16% decline. This sharp downturn serves as a reminder of the inherent volatility in the stock market, even for companies with strong fundamentals and growth potential like Nvidia.

Nvidia’s remarkable journey this year reflects its dominant position in the AI chip industry and the high expectations from market experts like Eric Jackson. With predictions of the stock reaching $250 by year-end and a potential market valuation of $6 trillion, NVDA continues to captivate investors’ attention. While recent market corrections underscore the stock’s volatility, the overall sentiment on Wall Street remains bullish. As Nvidia continues to leverage its competitive edge and robust growth prospects, it stands poised to sustain its wild rally through the end of the year and beyond.

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